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Automate your digital business processes
Provide exceptional assistance
Digitise and improve your HR tasks

The ChatGPT AI Chatbot is here

Plug your website into our ChatGPT-driven AI chatbot and get all the AI help you need. 

What is XYAN?

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Transform your customer experience with ChatGPT

Take control of your sales engagement, service delivery and customer support with XYAN

Single Sourced

XYAN uses any URL links or documents as your AI Chatbot knowledge base. Your content is transformed instantly into your knowledge based or Q&A without extra write-up efforts.

No Coding

Design workflows to create customer delighting moments without costly human involvement. Not sure how to start? Go with our wide range of enterprise quality pre-built templates.

Real-Time Analytics

Learn about your customer behaviours and trends through real-time data analytics. Retrain your chatbot easily by matching new questions to the right answers and publish them instantly.

One-for-All Channels

Struggle to respond to your customers on various channels? You only need XYAN AI Chatbot to support 24/7 without coding. Embed your AI chatbot in channels and manage all of them in the same platform.

API-first Design

XYAN platform is an API-based developer-friendly environment. Get the edge over your competitors by using XYAN's flexibility, scalability, and control to do more.

Headless Content

As a future-ready platform, XYAN is a centralised content that can be re-used and re-purposed for omni-channel outputs. Push your content easily to different smart devices, displays and more.
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