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As web technologies continue to progress, user experience evolves too. Chatbot as the preferred content display is growing significantly therefore information presentation on websites should complement the evolution too.

Users who are looking for information no longer rely on what's available on a webpage anymore. In fact, with the rising trend of the New Bing, user expects quick summary for their query, followed by relevant information to read more. So pairing both AI Chatbot and Website to serve the right information is key.

Seamless AI Chatbot-To-Website Interaction

AI Chatbot interface has limited real estate to present extensive content meaningfully. XYAN AI Chatbot interacts with the website by loading page content seamlessly, as well as hiding and showing a chat window when necessary, making the conversation experience exceptional.

Seamless AI chatbot-to-website interaction creates an engaging and efficient website experience for users by combining both chatbot interface as engagement interface and webpage as information display interface to serve users needs.

Single-Sourced Content Management
Whether you are populating content for your website or AI Chatbot, XYAN consolidates them into a centralised database so that you only need to manage one copy of content across multiple channels. You no longer need to worry about maintaining multiple copies of the same information with XYAN as your content management.

Consolidating your content into one location can also save you money. With all your content in one location, you may be able to reduce the number of tools and systems you need to manage it, which can reduce costs.

Headless Content

As a future-ready platform, XYAN is a centralised content that can be re-used and re-purposed for omni-channel outputs.

This approach offers greater flexibility and scalability, as developers can easily create custom front-end experiences and easily switch between platforms without having to change the underlying content management system. Now your content is ready for any framework to do more.

API-first Design

XYAN platform is an API-based developer-friendly environment. API-first content design helps to  increase efficiency in content creation and distribution. It also allows for faster iteration and with new content ideas, as changes to content can be quickly and easily implemented across all channels and devices through the use of APIs.

Get the edge over your competitors by using XYAN's flexibility, scalability, and control to do more.

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How it works

Here's how your ChatGPT-powered AI Chatbot and website can work seamlessly to provide top-class user experience with XYAN. Create possibilities with XYAN today

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