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Human Resources

Automate internal routine tasks and improve your organisation efficiency.

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Using ChatGPT-powered chatbots and automation can empower your workforce.

To improve the employee experience and enhance efficiency, XYAN AI Chatbot leverages best-in-class language model available in the market, ChatGPT to provide easy access to HR policies and automate frequently requested tasks. Now, your HR team can outsource regular repetitive tasks to AI Chatbot to handle with great efficiency.
Common Questions Resolved
AI Chatbot for HR is programmed to answer common employee questions, such as those related to company policies, benefits, and leave policies. This can save HR staff time and help employees get answers to their questions quickly and easily. While these information is always readily available, getting a quick reply from an AI Chatbot simply make the experience better than before.
Employee Onboarding

Personalize your employee onboarding experience based on the new employee's role, department, and location. With XYAN, you can automate the end-to-end onboarding for new team members right from document submission, and background check, to dispatching welcome kit in a few clicks. Now, this is onboarding done right.

Employee Engagement
Besides providing 24/7 support, XYAN AI Chatbot is a great platform to automate administrative tasks such as filling out forms, submitting documents, and scheduling appointments. This can save time and reduce errors in the onboarding process. Employees are free to get things done even after official office hours, thereby enriching employee experience.
Greater insights into employees
By using XYAN analytics, one can identify gaps in your employees' experiences, whether it's a lack of access to necessary resources or a breakdown in communication with management. Armed with this knowledge, your HR professionals can then work to provide the necessary support to employees to achieve more.

Utilizing these analytics can make your HR staff more effective in their role by staying ahead of potential issues and taking a strategic approach to addressing employee needs.
Easy To Manage
Enable HR professionals with no previous AI chatbot experience to quickly setup, configure and deploy one with no code required in XYAN. Pre-built flow templates speed the creation of chatbots for faster deployment and greater efficiency, as and when you need it.
Multi-Channel Ready
Modern organisations use multiple channels to engage its employees and yet cost-effectiveness and ROI remains questionable when there are so much to keep track and maintain. XYAN AI Chatbot allows you to embed and implement the same version of your knowledge base to any web channels, intranets, mobile app and social media so that you can always be available to support your employees, anytime and anywhere!

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