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Empower your customers to resolve issues by providing self-service options and automated FAQs on commonly asked support topics to reduce ticket requests.

Deliver prompt and efficient customer support with an ChatGPT-powered AI Chatbot to resolve queries 24/7, in any language and through various channels. A well-designed AI Chatbot can handle up to 80% of your customer queries through self-service options so that you only need to transfer high complexity cases to your live agents when needed.
Available on Demand
Unlike Live Agent or Customer Call Centre, AI Chatbots is available 24/7, which means customers can get their queries resolved at any time, even outside business hours. Customers won't have to wait for a live agent to become available, which can lead to increased satisfaction and high case completion rate without the need of human inteference.
Single Sourced Data

Maximise your FAQ content and support documents by using the same source for both your AI Chatbot and Website. You no longer need to maintain multiple version of the same document. Update at one place and apply to all seamlessly.

Consistency in Quality
An AI Chatbot provides consistent responses to customer inquiries, ensuring that all customers receive the same level of service. Consistent positive support from your AI Chatbot helps to build trust with customers and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings or errors.
Multilingual Support
With XYAN, your AI Chatbot can communicate with customers in multiple languages, allowing businesses to serve a global customer base without the need for multilingual representatives.
Improved Efficiency
AI Chatbot helps to handle routine inquiries much faster than live agents, allowing support teams to focus on more complex issues. This can improve overall efficiency and reduce the workload on support staff, leading to a better work-life balance for employees.
AI chatbots is extremely useful when it comes to handling large volume of queries at once, without requiring additional staff. You only need an AI Chatbot to solve them all at the same time. This leads to significant cost savings for businesses, especially those with high customer support volume.

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