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Quick to setup and deploy

Simple steps to get your AI Chatbot up live

1. Pick a plan
Get started by selecting a plan that best suits your needs, or join one-month free using our promo code. Get in touch with us to get the code.

2. Insert your sources

Simply copy and paste your knowledge base URL or insert your popular questions and answers in the chatbot sources.

3. Customize and launch!

Manage your chatbot window design based on your brand style. Generate the embed code and you're done!

Automate with ease

Automate common tasks with just a click at anytime

Single Sourced
Save time by tapping into your website and documents as the AI Chatbot knowledge base to get started.

Multiple Placements

Embed your chatbot on Facebook Messaging, Whatsapp, Instagram and more for better customer experience.
Pre-built Modules
Build an AI chatbot that offers real-time customer service and efficiently optimize customer's journey — all without coding!
Real-Time Analytics
Analyse customer conversations to gain insights about chatbot performance and customer experience — all in one platform.
single sourced
Skip the complexity of conversation building by using your existing materials. 

XYAN allows you to simply provide your URL link or documents to serve as your AI Chatbot knowledge base. 

With supported upload formats of Website URLs, PDF, MS Excel and Web Form Manual Input.
Multiple Placements
Need to respond to your customer on various channels? You only need XYAN AI Chatbot to support 24/7 without coding.

You can embed them in your Website as well as various social media channels like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Business Chat, Instagram Direct Message, Wechat, Telegram, Google Business and more.
Small Talks

Small talks are phrases that express a feeling of relationship building. Good replies can significantly improve the end-user experience by answering common questions outside the scope of your chatbot.

XYAN AI Chatbot platform comes with a complete list of common questions asked by users.

Small talk is very much needed in your chatbot dataset to add a bit of a personality and more realistic. It’s also an excellent opportunity to show the maturity of your chatbot and increase user engagement.

Lead Management
It is important for a business to generate leads. Without leads, most businesses will lack the sales and customer base needed to grow.

The massive growth in digital trends has made AI Chatbot one of the key components in engaging customers.

With XYAN AI Chatbot, all you need to do is to enable to the module and your chatbot will automatically collect customer information for you to take on the next step!
Appointment Maker (BETA)
AI chatbots with appointment making capability provide a way to qualify and catch prospective customers through your preferred engagement channel seamlessly.

By enabling the module and setting up your date/time slots, users can quickly make a booking, appointment or reservation directly.

Now that’s hassle-free scheduling at work!
Branch Locator (BETA)
Branch locator makes searching the nearest location of stores very convenient and easy.

Instead of searching on the internet. Customer can now provide their location and get the list of nearest stores in an instant.

This module is suitable for businesses with multiple branches. With XYAN AI Chatbot, you can simply setup your locations and leave the rest to us!
Product Recommender (BETA)
On top of answering questions, AI chatbot can also provide relevant product recommendations.

This improves customer experience by making it easier and faster to shop. On top of that, you can now understand your users’ buying behaviour, trends and much more through data collection.

XYAN AI Chatbot comes with an easy-to-setup environment for you to list your products and convert it into a recommender automatically.
Language Translator (beta)
For businesses that are serving customers globally, investing in a multilingual AI chatbot should be on your to-do list.

Since multilingual capabilities are not possessed by every live agent communicating with customers, AI-powered intelligent chatbots are used in business support systems.

XYAN AI Chatbot language translator supports up to 100 popular languages, making customer support easier across the world.
Live Agent (BETA)
While AI Chatbot serves as the first-level support, chances are some cases may be too complex for it to solve meaningfully.

By transferring the conversation to live chat, you give customers a way to reach you for real-time interaction with a real person.

XYAN AI Chatbot supports live chat integration with popular tools such as Zendesk and more.
Real-Time Analytics
Learn about your customer behavior and trends through real-time data analytics available in XYAN. Retrain easily by reviewing low confidence responses and matching them to the right answers.

In your analytics report, you can easily view User Engagement, User Profile, User Session, as well as Chat Log.

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